• Manager Help Line

    Immediate guidance on day-to-day issues

    Auto HR’s Manager Help Line is a toll-free number, providing support and immediate guidance to managers with their day-to-day employment issues. With calls answered by our experienced consultants, this service is designed to give practical step-by-step guidance and suggestions on resolving situations in a lawful, yet sensitive manner.

    In addition to answering questions verbally, Auto HR consultants can provide managers with written, situation-specific counseling memos, disciplinary warnings, and other documentary memos. If needed, documentation can be prepared ready for the employee’s signature — key to proving that a manager has addressed the situation and appropriate steps and actions were taken.

    Here is a partial list of topics most frequently discussed on the Manager Help Line:

    • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
    • Counseling with employees about policy violations
    • Damage to company property
    • Discharge for cause
    • Discrimination allegations
    • Drug and alcohol problems
    • Excessive absenteeism
    • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
    • Harassment
    • Wage and hour issues

    Sampling of Frequently Asked Questions

    • We have an employee who is going to be deployed with the National Guard; do we have to continue their benefits?
    • We have an employee who states his father is terminally ill and he is asking about FMLA to care for his father, but he says he thinks he may need up to 6 months off? Does that qualify under FMLA?
    • Our receptionist is full time and she says she has been looking for a part time job. We have an opening in our accounting office and instead of having her take a job at another company we would like her to fill our part time position. Would we have to pay her overtime?
    • My business is in California, I have 12 employees. An employee is pregnant and wants to know how much time she gets off.
    • If an employee gives two-week notice and we want to let him go today do we need to pay out the notice?
    • My supervisors came to me and they suspect an employee of drinking on the job. How do we address this?
    • Is it legal to pay an employee two different rates? We have someone that works in house but occasionally goes out on sales calls. We would like each of these jobs to be a different pay rate.
    • We have an employee on USERRA leave. When do we have to offer them COBRA?
    • We have an employee who exhausted their FMLA leave and we gave them a discretionary personal leave for another 6 weeks. Do we still have to keep them on our group health benefit plan?
    • Do we have to provide paid holiday and benefits?
    • We have an employee who has two outstanding Worker’s Compensation claims. Upon further investigation, we discovered that he was injured due to not following our clearly defined safety guidelines. We are a manufacturing facility Can we write-up him up for violating our safety procedures even though he has an outstanding claim?