• Employee Handbooks

    Consistent application of policies and procedures

    A written employee handbook doesn’t have to be complex — but it is absolutely essential to educate your employees about expectations as well as to protect your company. In order to ensure consistent application of policies and procedures, your employee handbook should be referred to and updated on a regular basis.

    Auto HR tailors each handbook to fit your organization, including specific state and industry regulations that need to be incorporated. The resulting document is a final, copy-ready template in PDF format. Your company retains the copyright, allowing you the flexibility to duplicate it without any added costs or fees.

    Employee handbooks from Auto HR address, but are not limited to, the following policies:

    • Americans with Disabilities Act
    • Attendance and tardiness
    • Background checks
    • Binding arbitration
    • Complaint procedures
    • Compliance with state & federal Laws
    • Conflicts of interest
    • Drug-free workplace
    • Employee hot line
    • Employment at-will
    • Equal employment opportunities
    • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
    • Harassment policies
    • Health benefits
    • Leaves of absence
    • Meals and breaks
    • Non-solicitation policies
    • Off-duty activities
    • Personal appearance
    • Personnel records
    • Problem solving procedures
    • Safety and security
    • Standards of conduct
    • Use of technology & internet
    • Vacation and holidays
    • Workers’ compensation
    • Workplace violence