• Employee Hot Line

    Identify serious workplace issues early

    Auto HR’s Employee Hot Line is a toll-free number, promptly answered by one of our professional consultants, who will listen and ask questions of the caller in order to understand and document the concern. Employees can remain anonymous if they choose, which can enhance your ability to learn more about other serious workplace issues.

    Employees can call the Employee Hot Line 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Common types of complaints include reports of harassment, discrimination, workplace violence, drug or alcohol abuse, theft, vandalism, and other employment-related issues.

    The information received by Auto HR is summarized in a written Employee Hot Line Report and sent to the designated company representative shortly after the call is received.

    If an allegation of possible harassment or discrimination is handled promptly and appropriately, use of the Employee Hot Line can serve as evidence that your company met its obligation to stop and prevent any further inappropriate conduct. In addition, this service functions in compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, which requires publicly traded companies to provide a confidential and/or anonymous mechanism to report questionable accounting or auditing matters.

    The Employee Hot Line is not intended to take the place of employees going to their manager with a problem or concern. It is simply an added means of communication. Knowing about a potential problem before it escalates can help your company prevent additional problems.