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    You’re in business to provide services and products to your customers and prospects. The reality is that your human resources management process plays a significant role in how your employees get the job done — and the challenges you can face if employment issues arise.

    Open, honest, and consistent communication with your employees is a positive step in its own right. In addition, U.S. Supreme Court rulings make it clear that employers can defend against many types of workplace discrimination claims — if you can show that you have a valid policy against workplace discrimination, and that you’ve taken reasonable steps to prevent and promptly correct any harassment or discrimination.

    By using Auto HR’s Six-Point Service Process, employers can document their compliance procedures and programs to minimize, or avoid altogether, liability in the event of employment-related charges or lawsuits.

    Auto HR’s Six-Point Service Process

    1. Manager Help Line
      A 1-800 toll-free number, providing support and immediate guidance to managers with day-to-day employment issues.
    2. Employee Hot Line
      A 1-800 toll-free number, promptly answered by one of Auto HR’s professional consultants, who will listen and ask questions of the caller in order to understand and document the concern.
    3. Employee Handbooks
      Copy-ready templates in .pdf format for your use, tailored to fit your organization. and document the concern.
    4. Communication Materials
      Themed communication materials to be shared with your employees.
    5. Training
      Topics include how to prevent sexual harassment and other forms of workplace discrimination, appropriate both for managers and employees.
    6. Online Human Resources Library
      Includes comprehensive how to guidelines and human resource tools.

    Note: Any of these items can be used as a standalone service.